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Unlocking Bio-Intelligent Manufacturing

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About NouBio Inc

The founders of NouBio Inc are dedicated to unlocking a future where 60% of all products will be made by cell-based biomanufacturing in a $1 trillion bioeconomy.


We are building the next generation with Bio-Intelligent Manufacturing to scale the production of cell-based foods and cell-based therapies.


Our market-ready products and future deep technologies drop production costs by 95% & maintain the high performance in cell-based therapies [vaccines, cell therapy, biosimilars, human tissue, & regenerative medicine], cell-based foods [meat, fish, fats, milk], & industrial cell-based synthetic biology.

We are actively working with business partners to merge our patent-pending products & robotic cellular farming deep technologies to create cell-based products at $12/kg & at the largest possible scale.



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Contact Us
Contact Us

Address: Los Angeles, California, USA

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Why is it still a myth?

The use of animal serum is preventing cultivated meat and cell-based biomanufacturing from becoming a reality. Serum that is sourced from harming animals keeps the costs high, and has many regulatory hurdles. The use of animal serum is keeping the price point of cultivated meat products high and preventing the scalability of the industry. Non-edible microcarriers create secondary problems in bioreactors where cells have to be removed prior to the final cultivated meat creation.

NouBio has the solution with our market ready products!



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High cost


Not scalable

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